Ulysse Nardin Classic Sonata

The Classic Sonata are all in hot pursuit of function of complex echanical watches, titanium bezel and stainless steel case on a change of
classical design, in its purest form to you.

The Classic Sonata match Ulysse Nardin watch unique function-a tuning hammer to ring the Bell sound harmonious and delightful sounds of spring, as well as dual time zone adjustment system, stunning. Unique stores of the Classic Sonata limited edition of 99 pieces. omega Replicas

The Classic Sonata UN-67 automatic movement, combined with the patented inertia and siliceous spring balance. Ulysse Nardin watch has
always been good at complex function watch, this watch has to beat out graceful Cathedral Bell device. Between the 12 o’clock and 2 o’clock position, there are 24-hour sets of rings, the edge of night and day design, on behalf of Bell alarm can be set in the morning or afternoon. 10 o’clock position of the pointer displays the Bell is in the started state; even more special is that when traveling, Bell function and you can adjust the local time of the synchronization.

Ulysse Nardin watch focuses on faster dual time zone feature, you only need to press the 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock button, you can quickly
adjust local time before and after school, home at 6 o’clock direction is displayed in 24-hour time-blue discs, can be clearly read date
double window at 4 o’clock position. omega seamaster replica

Classic series DNA, is to enhance the beauty of nature, highlight the elegance of design: from sword-pointers, dials, lugs, stainless steel
case, are the perfect fusion. The Classic Sonata has a 44 mm stainless steel case of the watch, titanium and Sapphire Crystal case back, water resistant to 30 meters, and has brought classic leather strap and folding clasp.

IWC Portofino Monopusher Chronograph

Universal single button chronograph Portofino is the universal brand first produced hand-wound movement, is also the first single button
chronograph. However, it’s not the movement made its first appearance, the universal in a special charity auction launched the Tribeca Film
Festival. However, this is the debut series production watches. The series has red gold or Platinum material optional. SuperWatches

Case, dial and hands

The case is typical of the Portofino style. Represents the idyllic Italy the luxury lifestyle of the town. Just like the legendary Ref.5251 of the
Nations. Cases quite large, table diameter of 45 mm, thickness of 13mm;Sapphire glass is not as retro as the 75 anniversary of the 8th chain arched, but regular flat glass, easy to give an impression thin disk, of
course, such costs have declined considerably. Dial wide, thin bezel, case were polished mirror, typical appearance of dress watches, red and
gold face with a beautiful ivory color, white gold dial with dark grey.

Dial of timescale with table shell material same, red gold paragraph distribution red gold standard, fine rod style, end also polished into round angle, is fine of details, whole dial layout clear, easy read sex is good, Central for Willow time needle and timing big seconds, 12 points location small dial for 60 minutes timing disc, 6 o’clock for normal small seconds disc, 9 o’clock for 8 days power indicates, red is whole dial only of dotted color, reminded some important points, design quite has grade. In order to unify the overall simplicity and disc surface printing text from the common “International Watch Co. Schaffhaussen” simplified to “IWC Schaffhaussen.” iwc-portofino-automatic-iw356514

IWC calibre 59360

As mentioned earlier, the movement is a new family of internally developed one-button Activate the column wheel chronograph
movement. Can Crown a button to start, stop and reset the chronograph, the movement layout better, can be seen as a universal 8 day
movement 59215 manually before adding timing module, and while power indicating eight days moved to dial directly from the back side.

Timing module details are hidden behind a huge splint. The special tapping shows the pillar structure of the splint, to display the column
wheel lever and activates the timer function. Column wheel and the lever are stainless steel, brushed, but its surface treatment is not high
enough, movement on the steel part seems to be with the oxidation and wear color shades.

Timing module is flat as a whole did a good job covering after a large splint on, watch as a whole but only 1 mm thickness, all plywood
decorated with Geneva stripes, plywood edge doing chamfers. IWC does not provide the technical details, but we can distinguish quite
clearly on the detail of the movement, this module is standard clutch. Start operation, we had a lot of start/stop/reset single button
operation, each function is uniform, action stroke feel good. Worthy of column wheel chronograph mechanism

Cartier Mechanical Legends

Cartier challenge the watch design, renewal “mechanical legend” spirit, launched with Rose Gold Crash hollow wristwatch, Cartier, one of
the most iconic timepieces glow with a new look.

This Crash watch with the 9618 MC caliber, case, and movement together, showing a natural classic asymmetric shape. Iconic Roman numeral decoration stand out bright, hollow core and torso case cleverly fit Crash hollow wristwatch is equipped with a transparent case back, 9618 MC hand-wound mechanical movement of the delicate mechanism at a glance. Bottom plate outline movement after chamfering, grinding and polishing touch. In addition to the creative design of the outside aesthetics and exquisite craft, this timepiece’s charm comes from the Thatcher style. omega Replicas

replica watch cartier-mechanical-legends
Cartier Mechanical Legends

Does crash come from? How is born? In 1967, a customer will be a damage in the accident of Cartier Watches Cartier London entrusted to carry out repairs. Was responsible for the London company was inspired by distorted case, decided to include in its distorted shape used in new designs. speedmaster replica

This series has always been the Cartier classic inspiration of Haute Horlogerie. Cartier launched Platinum works today announced gorgeous
rose gold.

Several Classic Watches For Women

Modern women became more independent, a successful career there, many brands for these mature women has introduced a number of ladies ‘ watches, listed below are several of the more popular ladies ‘ watches.

1. Audemars Piguet Millenary Women’s Watch

Abby is not just Royal Oak, RO is the too tough line, launched in 2015, new Millennium series, eccentric, dial with mother of Pearl materials or precious stones inlaid, advanced technology and unique combination of traditional mosaics, achievement of Millennium series ladies watch’s unique style. Designed specifically for the oval case of elliptical movement, and applies the balance wheel and the splint design, beauty of movement from dial operation, the case set with colorful ornaments.

2. Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Pearlmaster

2015 on the Basel watch fair, launched three Rolex Oyster Perpetual Pearlmaster new log Pearlmaster watches, equipped with the new 39 mm case. Each 18ct yellow gold or white gold Rolex watches are the clever fusion of watchmaking, and gold and colored stone of charm. replica rolex watches

New Pearlmaster log Pearlmaster watches used Rolex 3235 of a new movement, watch brand is generally ignored female movement update, Dr home, but not so, 3235 escapement movement with a new improvement, energy reserves up to 70 hours. Female boss also took off his watch at the weekend to take a holiday on Monday put on, is without prejudice to her precise schedule. Cheap Replica Rolex for Sale

3.Cartier DéLices de Cartier watches

Blue balloons too popular right now, and may your staff wear appropriate, female CEO should be selected from Cartier’s extensive product line more unique character table—such as deLices de Cartier watches, watches unique, curvy, slightly twisted oval shape, distributed in the brilliant diamonds surrounded by attractive “breath”. Parody of Christmas cakes, gracefully over the creamy white dial sprinkle cream candy diamond, sweet feeling quite fascinating. Such a beautiful watch, and just like ribbons of silk straps on the gift box, will appear in front of a nice gift.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Pearlmaster

Rolex Datejust was born in 1945, is the first in a calendar display window on the surface of the watch. A few years later, added Cyclops eye Crystal surface of the watch display, which is very popular with fans of Rolex watches one of the classic design. Log-classic design, the introduction of multiple styles, ladies log Pearlmaster watches, with its luxurious, classic and elegant glamour Lady Watch fans favor. Rolex this year launched the new journal Pearlmaster watches joined bright diamond, fresh and gorgeous.

Rolex’s love of diamonds and precious metals, this Rolex Pearlmaster watches ladies-log size 39 mm, white gold case mix color diamond. Rolex diamond is hand selected and hand-inlaid, Rolex there is a huge stone sector, the goal is to buy, tests, and diamonds and other precious stones mounted on Rolex watches. Its standards of stringent attitude seriously amazing and admirable.replica rolex watches

replica watch rolex-oyster-perpetual-datejust-pearlmasterlk
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Pearlmaster

Rolex ladies Oyster Perpetual series 86349SAFUBL watch with red dial, with a near-dial color pink, purple and blue color Diamond Bezel, decoration diamond on the dial scale and time scale, coordinated, luxurious shine. End of oyster shells, warp-brushed cover, quality Crown and conspicuous small window mirror calendar window is the classic Rolex sign, all are brand unique, which is confident and reliable the value of Rolex watches.replica watches

This watch also launched a series of Rolex ladies Oyster Perpetual 86348SAJOR, 86348SABLV  gold case and bracelet, Rolex all made of gold and Platinum are internal. Real inside and say is that not only have the external beauty and inner quality of Rolex watches. Wherever and whenever the wearer is looking lines and elegant, very practical to use.

Patek Philippe Chronograph Annual Calendar 5960/1A

5960/1A stainless steel Patek Philippe annual Calendar Chronograph Watch, on behalf of very far-reaching, equipped with chronograph movement launched in 2006 5960P-001 calendar the same, also 5960/1A came out and before it discontinued all 5960 precious metal versions of messages, this stainless steel watch-great value.Replica Patek Philippe

Watch equipped with CH 28-520 IRM QA 24H movement is the first brand-made self-winding chronograph, Fly back Chronograph and calendar. Picking many of the high-end brands that use the column wheel chronograph mechanism with vertical clutch disc clutch to control movements, meaning that when you start the timer function.

replica watch patek-philippe-chronograph-annual-calendar-59601a
Patek Philippe Chronograph Annual Calendar

In time with a daily system link instantly to replica Patek Philippe Aquanaut avoid second hand vibrate problem-these are not geared, depends on the friction between the two overlapping metal driven Central seconds. Watch no small seconds disc, start the chronograph seconds, 6 o’clock direction in stainless steel and include day and night display with 60-minute, 12-hour time.

Some Replica Watches As a Good Gift

In the new year, if you want to give the family some gifts that are meaningful, the Omega watches are the best choice. Several suitable Omega Watches as recommended below.

Omega Constellation Chronograph Automatic

Omega Constellation of Thule audio glory limited edition calendar watches with 950 platinum case dark green leather strap and unique, limited edition of 52 in the world. Case diameter 41 mm, with a polished fluted table rendered in sand 950 platinum and dial. Classic dial design inspired by Omega in 1952, released the first constellation watch. In order to pick up new calendar features, points to the different surfaces used for the month, highlighting the unique design. omega Replicas
Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch CK 2998

New Omega Speedmaster “CK2998” limited edition watch to 1959 launched the first Speedmaster CK2998 modeled on the watch, passing the inner essence of the prototype model, was an avid collector and “Moonwatch” fans racing to desire the classic choice. Global limited edition of 2998.

This remarkable watch is equipped with the stainless-steel case, with a polished Blue ceramic bezel, tachymeter scale with a Super-LumiNova with the white luminous coating by. Small dial minute by luxurious blue, surrounded by white silver Central dial.constellation omega replica  Watch central hour hand and the minute hand as well as the alpha pointer on the dial has been rhodium plated; Central seconds hand again uses “lollipop” pointer, reminiscent of the prototype table came out in 1959.
Omega De Ville Ladymatic watches on Chrono24

In 1955, the Ladymatic once launched, with its beautiful design and excellent quality model of ladies ‘ watches for. After 60 years, the watches are still the charming charm, full of elegance. Disc Omega Ladymatic fly series wrist watch case diameter 34 mm, stainless-steel case, matching 18K Sedna gold and steel made, scrub with a corrugated edge metal bracelets, more visible glare.

Polished Alpha hands and 11 hour markers with Sedna gold, hour markers with diamonds embedded in the Omega discs fly series Ladymatic wrist watch dials, the calendar window is located at the 3 o’clock position, makes it easy to read the dates. Within the watch powered by Omega 8520 with axial movement, provides accurate performance for the Irene timepieces.

Breitling Superocean Chronoworks Watch

Breitling combines the newest materials and advanced manufacturing technology to build ultra-efficient Breitling Super Ocean culture series Chronoworks wrist watch, in 2016, Baselworld debut sells for up to $40,000, a common Breitling Chronograph, five times as much.

  • Movement

Chrono works look single black movement Breitling Calibre production 01-based movement, but the technology focus of the comprehensive upgrade is not a complex feature, but relatively flat focus on improving performance and ultra-high performance running: running more stable longer power reserve! This is because nowadays, the dynamic trend of mechanical movements get longer, such as Swatch Group Powermatic 80 movements, or Rolex and Tudor’s movement, the movement has a 70-hour power reserve.

Compared to Chrono works 01 basic movement, gave it a longer, more fine, plus the five technologies, which has 70 Calibre 01 hour power reserve, up to the 100-hour Chrono works. To know this 45% increased, not relying on more watches, concatenate multiple barrels to achieve; Chrono works core size with Calibre 01 movement and the same.

Original Calibre 01 chronograph movement with essentially the same price of other brands the same Breitling‘s goal is to improve the efficiency of 01 movement—they managed to do it, also improved the 45% of the power reserve. Chrono works contains five key characteristics that make this progress possible. Although these five technologies are not new technology, but this is the first time the mix one of these new technologies.

  • Gear

Breitling foundations of the first restructuring of the watch, Black ceramic casting splint movement motherboard and gear trains, traditionally, these parts are made of rhodium plated brass, with the Ruby eye axis in order to reduce friction and wear; now Boron Nitride high-tech ceramic material with a low coefficient of friction, without lubricant, not embedded Ruby shaft’s eyes!

Breitling the siliceous gear! The third and fourth wheels made of silicon, thanks to the characteristics of silicon materials, light weight, low friction coefficient, the high tech etching process can easily work out optimal Cycloid, Silicon gear transmission efficiency is greatly improved. Escapement wheel and the escapement lever material is silicon, and dropped the traditional Ruby cross tile, new escapement achieved a low friction and high efficiency.

Breitling Chrono works design with a double metal variable-inertia balance wheel. Different of is, balance is by two part in different of metal composition: nickel ring, unique of brass spoke phase combined, copper expansion coefficient more high, temperature rose , normally balance should overall expansion, but here special design of structure, will appear copper spoke expansion, instead promoted nickel ring end Department to Center squeeze, to effective of reduced balance inertia, compensation has temperature rose of bad effect. The balance wheel components are made of special UV-LIGA.

Breitling elastic tooth gear on the clutch wheel is used for timing-related, each tooth has a gap, making teeth closer to the grid, which eliminates the friction spring, also improved transmission efficiency.

  • Balance wheel

The balance wheel also is equipped with 4 Gold weights, precise adjustment precision. Chrono works elasticity of ultimate distinguishing feature is gear train teeth, they are also made by UV-LIGA techniques. In its complicated watches, Cartier before using similar elastic teeth, and some small brands are used, no matter what brand, which comes from Mimotec, specializes in sophisticated factory UV-LIGA.

The balance wheel also is equipped with 4 Gold weights, precise adjustment precision. Chrono works elasticity of ultimate distinguishing feature is gear train teeth, they are also made by UV-LIGA techniques. In its complicated watches, Cartier before using similar elastic teeth, and some small brands are used, no matter what brand, which comes from Mimotec, specializes in sophisticated factory UV-LIGA.

Replica Chronospace Evo Night Mission

Sturdy lightweight black titanium case and case are wrapped with blue dial and bezel color accumulating timer, which makes this electronic Breitling Chronospace looks more powerful novel, at the same time, excellent quality “professional wrist instruments” pure origin deduction of the head.

Watch wear satin matte and high intensity black titanium carbide for battle and extraordinary strength at a glance, dark blue dial with complementary, highlighting the pure tone classic brand. And other Breitling “professional air dashboard”, the brand a distinctive design feature on this watch has been clearly expressed in striking large square numbers on the dial scale and super pointer painting luminous coating, to provide optimal readability and clarity.

replica watch of Chronospace Evo Night Mission
Chronospace Evo Night Mission

The unidirectional rotating bezel is decorated with four Breitling logo on the bezel indicators, easy to distinguish time and great maneuverability. Casing waterproof up to 330 feet, rotary table equipped with reinforcement and protection devices, especially strong protection.

Analog display dial Breitling Chronospace Evo Night Mission unique in the Breitling professional watches are a notable exception. There than under the dial precise quartz movement 10 times and represented accurately with the highest benchmark COSC Breitling SuperQuartz Super reliable quartz movement – Breitling 73 caliber, equipped with a number of pilots and explorers with tailored practical function, bring incomparable high-tech performance.

replica watch of Chronospace Evo Night Mission
Chronospace Evo Night Mission

In addition, the chronograph is also equipped with a central pointer is used to measure the time difference, achieving remarkable two-seconds chronograph function. A quick time zone adjustment system to ensure that every minute is always displayed accurately, not interference by time zone conversion. Decorated with Breitling reinforces this embossed rubber strap watch fearless, dynamic qualities.

Replica Hublot Classic Fusion Watches

Switzerland luxury watchmaker Hublot classic Fusion series launched in Beverly Hills watch, limited edition of 30 pieces, Brighton street No. 9470 boutiques in Beverly Hills only sale.

This watch near California’s Pacific-inspired design ring and strap, table stopwatch uses blue color. End of case decorated with “90210 + B.H.” Mark and engrave independence limited number from 0/30 to 30/30. This watch combines fashion and innovation, reflecting the brand DNA, as well as the style of the city and its surrounding areas.

replica watch of hublot-classic-fusion-chronograph-automatic-mens-watch-521-nx-7071-lr
Hublot Classic Fusion Watches

Black ceramic case diameter 45 mm, masculine, stylish and elegant, Hublot printed logo on the Crown and carrying a self-winding skeleton Chronograph, water resistant up to 50 meters. This is the big bang theory series Ferrari Beverly Hills watch and after Beverly King power watches, Woo ship table specifically for this boutique’s new creation.

Ricardo Guadalupe, Hublot Chief Executive shared: “HUBLOT delighted with the Beverly Hills customer and local watch enthusiasts, celebrated limited release classic Fusion series Beverly Hills watch.
Beverly Hills boutiques are watch firms in the United States opened its first store on the West Coast, represents a very important market and we are very pleased to be able to adopt a watch, brand history connected with this great city. ”